Curriculum Plan Computed Tomography Clinical Internship

Computed Tomography Clinical Internship

In cooperation with the University of Iowa Hospitals Radiography Program, Trinity College offers the graduate technologist, who has successfully passed the ARRT certification examination, the opportunity to complete a Clinical Internship in Computed Tomography. This opportunity is available in the fall and spring of each year. This course is designed to enhance the registered radiographer’s skills with the science and practice of computed tomography. Students apply to the University of Iowa’s Radiography Clinical Internship Program and request to perform the clinical component at Trinity College. ( The student will then apply to complete the clinical component through Trinity College. Interns are chosen on a selective process based on previous coursework completion, GPA, and clinical competency. Online didactic coursework is offered by University of Iowa. Clinical coursework is offered and transcripted through Trinity. Students will complete 640 hours of clinical coursework. The student will complete procedures in head, neck, spine/musculoskeletal, chest abdomen, pelvis and special procedures as well as quality assurance and image display/post processing. The goal is for the student to be prepared for the clinical competency requirements of the ARRT national certification examination in Computed Tomography.

The University of Iowa didactic courses complimenting the clinical component are Sectional Anatomy for Imaging Sciences, CT Procedures, CT Physics Principles and Quality Control, and Pathology for Imaging Sciences. These courses may be taken prior, during, or following the clinical component. It is strongly recommended that Sectional Anatomy for the Imaging Sciences be completed before beginning the clinical component.

All “676” courses are offered online through the University of Iowa CT Clinical Internship Program. RT 331 CT Clinical Internship is completed through Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences. Students must be officially accepted through the U. of Iowa to be eligible for the Clinical Internship. Registration for the University of Iowa courses is completed through U. Iowa system and may be limited. RT 331 will be registered through Trinity College Radiography Program.