Curriculum Plan

1 Indicates course may be chosen from among approved clusters listed in the academic section of the College Catalog.
2 General education courses are taken at another institution or transferred into the respiratory care major, and may be completed prior to or concurrent with respiratory care courses. 
**A minimum of 25 semester hours of program major courses must be completed at Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences to meet graduation requirements.
Lab/Clinical Contact Hour Description

In the Respiratory Care Program, one lab course credit is presented as 32 hours of activity over the term of the course and one clinical semester hour is presented as 64 hours of activity over the term of the course. For example, for a semester-length 16 week course, one lab semester hour of credit requires two hours of lab activity and one clinical hour of credit requires four hours of activity per week (for 16 weeks). For a half-semester eight-week course, one clinical semester hour of credit requires eight hours of clinical activity per week (for 8 weeks). Course faculty may offer individual schedule variations.