Bachelor Grading Scale

Grade Quality Points Value Significance
A 4.0 93-100 Excellent
B 3.0 85-92 Good
C 2.0 77-84 Satisfactory
D 1.0 69-76 Unsatisfactory
F 0 0-68 Failure
I     Incomplete
WP     Withdrawal Passing
WF     Withdrawal Failing
AU     Audit
R     Repeat

Internship Grading Scale

Grading for the Clinical Internship is Pass/Fail.

Goals for the internship include:

  • Provide the intern with a broad based clinical experience offering them the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to be leaders and educators in healthcare who can adapt in this rapidly changing environment
  • Equip interns with experience and confidence to function in current and future health care systems through the use of projects and authentic assessments
  • Develop communication skills to effectively interact with healthcare team members and a diverse patient population
  • Provide an educational experience that will support and comply with the Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice of the Professions