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September 17, 2014
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October 13, 2014
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October 15, 2014
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October 17, 2014

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Student Services
Lenore Knock

Build connections between class members.

Class Agents

Position Description

Class Agent: Will build connections between class members and Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences that promote the College’s mission and strategic plan, encourage attendance at events, encourage philanthropic contributions and advance relationships.

Trinity College’s Strategic Plan:
Pillar #3 Growth – Building upon a foundation of success.

Goal: To develop and enhance relationships with alumni, and to expand programs and degree offerings in conjunction with the addition of physical facilities.
Class Agent Services

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Endorse the mission and strategic plan of Trinity College.
  2. Attend and encourage classmates to participate in special events as able.
  3. Support the activities of the Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences Alumni Association.
  4. Communicate with class members; serve as program administrator for a class social media site [Facebook].
  5. Assist the Director of Student Services & External Relations and the Vice President of Fund Development and Donor Relations at UnityPoint Health – Trinity Health Foundation by encouraging class gifts to the College.
  6. Maintain confidentiality of any information discussed regarding alumni members’ academics, background or personal giving history.

Class Agent Directory

College Year Name Phone Email
MPH-SN 1963 Betty Sykes 319-351-7320  
LH-SN 1963 Judy [Samuelson] Hane 218-729-9114 rj_hane@hotmail.com
LH-SN 1964 Noreen [Johnson] Casson 1-905-735-6517 j.casson@cogeco.ca
SAH-SN 1964 Betty Lou [Banowetz] Burken 563-242-2113 lbburken@prestontel.com
MPH-SN 1964

Mary [Stohl] Pellizzari
Connie [Balk] Deere

MPH-SN 1965 Sandra [Harris] Gradert 309-944-7126 graderts@hotmail.com
LH-SN 1969 Pam [Kleiber] Hill 309-779-7702 Pam.Hill@trinitycollegeqc.edu
SAH-SN 1971 Russ Scott

309-787-5387 (h)
309-781-8640 (c)

LH-SRT 1972 Trudy (Mills) Watson   tjwatson@mchsi.com
LH-SRT 1974 Lenore (Janoski) Knock 309-779-7720 Lenore.Knock@trinitycollegeqc.edu
LH-SRT 1975 Mike Tate   Michael.Tate@unitypoint.org
LH-SN 1976 Mary Wassell   maryslockets@gmail.com
MPH-RAD 1977 Cathy DeBaillie 309-779-7778 Catherine.DeBaillie@trinitycollegeqc.edu
LH-SN 1979 Lori [Jones] Liossi   liossi@sbcglobal.net
BHC-RT 1981 Roger Erickson 309-779-7772 Roger.Erickson@trinitycollegeqc.edu
LH-SN 1983 Lori [Jackson] Williams 608-467-7629 LWilliams3@uwhealth.org
MPH-SN 1985 Karen Cummins 309-779-7738 Karen.Cummins@trinitycollegeqc.edu
LH-SN 1986 Marcie Davis 309-779-7728 marcella.davis@trinitycollegeqc.edu
TCNHS 2008 Sara Neyens 309-314-6366 sneyens1@me.com
TCNHS RT 2014 Mackenzie Hughes
Amanda Lanning
TCNHS BSN-A 2014 Kelsey Mikula 815-671-1752 krmikula91@gmail.com
TCNHS RC 2014 Andrew Moore 563-676-1298 andrewmooreemt@gmail.com
TCNHS ASN 2014 Tara Egger 309-235-2871 tlegger93@yahoo.com
TCNHS BSN-B 2014 Ashley Wamsley 563-271-2720 amwams@gmail.com