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Student Services
Lenore Knock

Build connections between class members.

Class Agents

Position Description

Class Agent: Will build connections between class members and Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences that promote the College’s mission and strategic plan, encourage attendance at events, encourage philanthropic contributions and advance relationships.

Trinity College’s Strategic Plan:
Pillar #3 Growth – Building upon a foundation of success.

Goal: To develop and enhance relationships with alumni, and to expand programs and degree offerings in conjunction with the addition of physical facilities.
Class Agent Services

Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Endorse the mission and strategic plan of Trinity College.
  2. Attend and encourage classmates to participate in special events as able.
  3. Support the activities of the Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences Alumni Association.
  4. Communicate with class members; serve as program administrator for a class social media site [Facebook].
  5. Assist the Director of Student Services & External Relations and the Vice President of Fund Development and Donor Relations at UnityPoint Health – Trinity Health Foundation by encouraging class gifts to the College.
  6. Maintain confidentiality of any information discussed regarding alumni members’ academics, background or personal giving history.