Organizations & Activities

Activity Programming Guidelines

Activities that are planned by students must receive approval from the Director of Student Services and External Relations prior to implementation of the event. A request in writing must be made and submitted to the Student Services Department two weeks prior to the event. Students are encouraged to seek programming assistance from Student Services in advance of the two-week deadline. After the request is received, the activity will be reviewed for approval and compliance with Trinity College policies and guidelines.

Organizations Overview

Getting involved in student activities can be the difference between merely attending Trinity College compared to becoming an integral part of the total College experience. Advantages of student involvement include gaining more knowledge about the field of health sciences, establishing new friendships, developing leadership skills, and assisting with community service projects. Participation is available through the Student Government Association and professional honor societies such as Phi Theta Kappa and BSN Honor Society. Students expressing an interest in establishing a new student organization are to meet with the Director of Student Services and External Relations.

Students may also volunteer to represent all students on College standing committees. Representatives are chosen by the Dean of Nursing & Health Sciences from the volunteers who have identified themselves at the time representatives are needed.

Campus Ambassadors

College Ambassadors are volunteers who serve under the Director of Student Services and External Relations as official College hosts. Activities of this group include assisting with campus tours, new student orientation, informational sessions, recruitment activities, and graduation. Any student interested can contact the Director of Student Services and External Relations office for information on this program.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) exists to facilitate a positive learning environment, provide professional socialization and also to act as a student voice on policies and issues. Student Government provides an opportunity for individuals to exercise a variety of skills in the areas of leadership, decision-making, planning, organizing, and human relations. Students from all health sciences programs are able to interact in a collaborative manner while providing service to the community as well as the health care profession. All students have the opportunity to become involved in SGA. The officers and committee members for the SGA are elected early in the academic year. All Trinity College students are members of SGA.

Student Representation in Governance

Curriculum Committee
Curriculum Committee ensures the quality of the curriculum, promotes optimal learning, reviews and approves all curricular offerings developed by the faculty, and recommends curriculum changes based on input from the Institutional Effectiveness Committee. This committee also develops, reviews and approves policies related to curriculum and instructional resources. A student representative from each program is sought to serve on this committee.

Student Affairs Committee
Student Affairs Committee develops and promotes student activities that enrich the social, cultural, and academic atmosphere and provides opportunities for student growth in leadership, communication and responsibility. One student representative from each program is sought to serve on this committee.

Institutional Effectiveness Committee
Institutional Effectiveness Committee adopts appropriate methods for gathering data needed for assessment and measurement of student knowledge, proficiency, culture care values, program satisfaction, and graduation rates on a college-wide and program-specific basis. A student representative from each program is sought to serve on this committee.

Social, Recreational and Religious Activities

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the educational, cultural/fine arts, and recreational opportunities available in the Quad Cities area and to participate in extracurricular activities sponsored by Trinity College organizations/societies, Black Hawk College, Eastern Iowa Community College, and Augustana College. Students are encouraged to attend many of Unity Point Health, Trinity’s educational and social functions. Trinity College is non-sectarian and encourages students to continue their religious affiliations in the many houses of worship located in the area.