Emergency Weather Closure

The Dean of Nursing & Health Sciences or designee will make the decision to officially close the College due to inclement weather. It is the student’s responsibility on any questionable day of bad weather to check with the College at 309-779-7700 to access messages regarding cancellation of classes or clinical experiences. In addition, if classes or clinical experiences are cancelled, a call will be made to the following media:

Television Stations Radio Stations
WHBF Channel 4, 4-1 WOC AM 1420
WKQC Channel 6, 6-1 WLLR FM
WQAD Channel 8, 8-1 KCQQ FM 106.5
  KMXG FM 96.1
  KUUL FM 101.3

The announcement will also be posted on the College website. The announcement will be made after 5:45am. Upon cancellation, the College is cancelled for the entire day, including evening (PM) experiences. If the weather becomes severe during the daytime, evening (PM) experiences will be cancelled two hours prior to the experience.


Tornado/Severe Weather

The following information and procedures are to provide an effective plan of action in the event of a tornado alert or an actual tornado. The Chancellor, Dean of Nursing & Health Sciences or a delegated person shall decide when the plan is to be put into effect. The Trinity Alert system will be activated.

Vocabulary Terms:

Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm Watch: A watch means weather conditions are right for the development of severe weather such as tornadoes or severe thunderstorms.

Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm Warning: A warning means a tornado or severe thunderstorm has been sighted or detected by radar and is posing a threat to people. When a warning issued for the geographic area, take immediate protective action. A Watch may or may not be in effect at the time of the warning.

Siren Signals: A steady sound for three minutes means a tornado has been sighted or detected and a Warning is in effect.


  • If the National Weather Service advises Trinity Medical Center of a Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm Watch the Switchboard operator will notify the College.
  • If the National Weather Service reports the direct sighting of a tornado or a funnel cloud within a five-mile radius of the Medical Center, and/or the Siren Signal is activated, the following will occur:
  • Switchboard (when at clinical site):
    • The Switchboard will make the following announcement: “Attention All Medical Center Personnel: “Operation Weather Warning” and repeat three times”.
    • If a Tornado/Severe Weather Drill is being announced, the Switchboard operator will make the following announcement: “Attention All Medical Center Personnel: “Operation Weather Warning Drill” and repeat three times”.
  • If at the College, the faculty, staff and students, should turn on all lights, close doors and blinds. Notify all faculty/staff/students in building and move to the following locations: Executive Conference Room, Storage Room by Classroom 120, Men’s Bathroom, or Leininger Conference Room.

Fire Plan and Evacuation

Fire and evacuation routes are posted in each classroom, office areas, and hallways. Students need to become familiar with these routes and are provided information at orientation. If a fire is discovered, an individual should:

R Rescue any visitors/staff/others from immediate danger
A Alarm (Pull area alarm and call “55” to report location).
C Contain (Close all doors and windows throughout facility when alarm is sounded and never break an automatic closure fire door unless evacuating).
E Extinguish (Attempt to control the fire using the proper extinguisher).

A Code Red All Clear will be announced by Trinity Medical Center Safety and Security Personnel or the Fire Department personnel when it is safe to return to the building.

Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences conducts fire drills to ensure the integrity of the system and process. All student and personnel are required to evacuate the facility using the designated routes and exits as posted.