Scholarships, Grants & Loans

Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences offers several scholarship opportunities as well as grants and loans. Students are encouraged to carefully review the scholarships and their eligibility requirements.
Listed below are scholarships loans and grants for which students attending Trinity College may be eligible to apply.
This listing of scholarship programs listed below may or may not have active hyperlinks for the student to apply to. Some have no link as these become active only during application availabilities. These scholarships have varying requirements and deadlines; if you need assistance with an application please call the Financial Aid office at (309) 779-7700.



 Trinity Scholarships

Scholarship Deadline

Trinity College Scholarship Application 
Application opens October and awarded Spring Term

Nov. 30
Friends of Trinity Scholarship Application Nov. 1
Kenneth Moburg Scholarship Application -Guidelines
For children of Trinity Regional Health System employees
Feb. 14
The CVM-Illinois Youth Mentoring Health Scholarship - Guidelines Feb. 14
The Lynn Vermeer Youth Development Scholarship - Guidelines
For children and grandchildren of Trinity Regional Health System employees
Feb. 14

 Grants & Loans

Scholarship Expires
In-School Deferment Request - Be sure to fill in the address
of your loan servicer in Section 7 on page 2

 Scholarships for Masters and Doctoral Students

Scholarship Expires
April 30

 Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Nursing Scholarships
Scholarship Listing Expires
AACN Scholarship Registration
Jan. 15/July 15
AfterCollege/AACN Scholarship
Army Nurse Corps Association Scholarship Application
March 31
John W. Maitland Jr. & Joseph F. Warner Scholarship Application June 2
IHERF Healthcare Career Scholarships April 3
Illinois Department of Public Health Scholarship Programs
Nursing Education Scholarship Program - March 1 - May 31
Illinois Hospital Research & Educational Foundation April 15
Illinois Nurses Foundation Scholarship March 15
IOKDS Health Careers Scholarships April 1
NSNA Nursing Scholarships Jan. 14
Nurse Corps Scholarship Program May 2
Nurses Make A Difference Scholarship Aug. 1
RNtoBSN Scholarship Opportunities  
The Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association (Begins Late Jan) Jan 11,13
Health Sciences
Scholarship Listing Expires
ACLS Medical Training Scholarship Program Dec. 31
AES Engineering Scholarship Oct. 6
Echo Limousine Annual Scholarship July 30
Friendly House Micka Scholarship May 1
Great Lakes National Scholarship April 5
Griswold Home Care 2014 Scholarship May 1
Illinois Information IHa 2013 Scholarship April 15
Niren & Associates Annual Scholarship for US Students July 30
Public Health Scholarship Resources Year Round
Tylenol scholarship (opens April 1) May 30
Scholarship Listing Expires
Acorn Equality Fund Sept. 27
B. Davis Scholarship May 27
CenturyLinkQuote Scholarship - Rules Dec. 15
Family Credit Union Scholarships May 1

Hennrietta Poppe Go For It Scholarship
For Out-of-school; Returning Students

April 26 Working Parent Scholarship Dec. 14
JustNebulizers Scholarship For students with respiratory conditions Dec. 31
March 31
Minority Student Nursing Scholarship May 31 Scholarship Dec 15
Schoolsoup Scholarship Directory (per semester)
17 different scholarships Deadlines vary from March 30 - June 30
Sept 13 - June 14 The Future of Google Dec. 15
March 30
Working Students Scholarship June
Scholarship Listing Expires Scholarship Aug. 9
Rewarding Students Who Will Make the United States Better Nov. 21
William H. Kleinschmidt Scholarship  Feb. 15