Trinity College

Graduation Requirements

Standardized Assessment Test for ASN Graduation

A standardized nursing assessment test, the ATI Comprehensive Predictor, is a graduation requirement for the ASN degree. The ATI Comprehensive Predictor must be passed in order to graduate and, therefore, before taking the NCLEX-RN examination. If a student does not pass the ATI Comprehensive Predictor on the first attempt, he/she will be required to take the Virtual ATI (VATI). When the VATI proctor releases the student to take the NCLEX-RN, graduation requirements will be fulfilled. The minimum required score for passing is a 95% probability and is based on national norms. The assessment test is given before commencement in May.

Graduation Requirements for an ASN Degree

Requirements for an Associate of Science in Nursing Degree include meeting all of the following:

  • Fulfill the course requirements of the Associate of Science in Nursing curriculum
  • Complete the last 24 semester hours in Nursing at the College
  • Earn a minimum of 72 hours of credit attaining a "C" (2.0) cumulative grade point average, which includes a "C" or above in each required nursing and general education course in the curriculum
  • Attain a passing score on the ATI Comprehensive Predictor
  • Meet all financial obligations incurred at the College
  • Be recommended by Faculty and approved by the College Governing Board for graduation

No degree will be awarded until all requirements are met