Trinity College

General Admission Policy

General College Admission Policy

Trinity College maintains a selective admission process that provides access to higher education in the health professions for individuals who have the skills and attributes for success in challenging health career programs. Credit is given for accomplishments that are proven to be indicators of success in health programs, including the following evidence:

  • Quality of high school work (overall GPA)
  • ACT if required
  • Previous college credit / GPA, if relevant
  • Quality (GPA) of work in required general education courses, e.g.; Anatomy & Physiology I and II

Students are offered acceptance into an academic program based on committee review of the applications received. Early admission notification for exceptional students will occur on or before December 20. All students will be notified of admission decisions on or before February 1.

Minimum High School Requirements

Students seeking admission directly from high school must have earned the minimum high school course requirements with a C or above.

 High School Requirements
 Years of Study
English 4 Emphasizing written and oral communication and literature
Mathematics 3 Algebra (introductory through advanced), geometry, and trigonometry
Social Studies 3 Emphasizing history and government
Science 3 One year each of biology and chemistry, and one additional year of lab science or its equivalent

Readmission/Reapplication Policy 

Readmission/reapplication pertains to those students who fall into one of the following categories:

  • Students who are unable to progress due to unsuccessful course completion or withdrawal with an intended return date of no more than one calendar year.
  • Students denied admission who must wait one year before re-application.
  • Students who were not admitted from a wait list.
  • Students who filed an incomplete application.
  • Students who have voluntarily withdrawn. 

Students who fall in one or more of these categories should:

  • Complete the online college application.
  • Submit a $15.00 nonrefundable fee if within two years of original application.
  • Send official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended since leaving the College.
  • Complete all other general admission requirements as applicable. 

Trinity College certificate graduates desiring to complete general education courses to earn an Associate Degree must meet with the Registrar to confirm a degree plan, which must be completed prior to May of 2016.