Master of Science in Nursing

MSN Program Options

Program Overview

The MSN program is designed to prepare leaders in nursing education and health care systems who demonstrate cultural sensitivity in their decision-making and collaboration with other members of the professional health care team. Graduates will be prepared to mentor other team members and assume accountability for quality care outcomes as well as to foster best practices and effectively facilitate the translation of evidence into practice.

Masters prepared nurses use concepts and theories from nursing and related disciplines to improve the environment in which health care is delivered.

Program Goals

The graduate, upon program completion, will be able to:


  • Apply knowledge of the concepts and theories from nursing, education, and related disciplines to guide nursing practice. (AACN Essentials 1- Background for Practice from Sciences and Humanities)
  • Apply knowledge of information systems and effective communication skills to promote optimal patient outcomes. (AACN Essentials 5 - Informatics and Healthcare Technologies; 7 - Inter-professional Collaboration for Improving Patient and Population Health Outcomes; 9 Master's Level Nursing Practice)


  • Provide leadership in clinical practice, education, research utilization, and service.(AACN Essentials 2 - Organizational and Systems Leadership; 9 - Master's -Level Nursing Practice)
  • Use the process of scientific inquiry to foster best practices, validate and translate evidence into practice, and promote life- long learning. (AACN Essentials 4 - Translating and Integrating Scholarship into Practice)
  • Evaluate quality and safety initiatives to assure optimum individual and population health outcomes (AACN Essentials 3 - Quality improvement & safety; 9 - Master's - Level Nursing Practice)

Culture Care Values

  • Demonstrate caring that recognizes the uniqueness and cultural diversity among individuals, families, communities and the population. (AACN Essentials 8 - Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving Health)
  • Practice evidence-based nursing within the framework of professional standards, values and codes, with ethical and legal considerations. (AACN Essentials 6 - Health Policy and Advocacy; 9 - Master's Level Nursing Practice)

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