COVID-19 College Updates

Latest Update

21 May 2020

Universal Masking at Trinity College

Effective May 1st Trinity College will implement universal masking on the College campus. This decision is based on recommendations of the CDC and the Illinois Department of Public Health.

  • In response to the increased COVID-19 positivity rate in our area, effective 2 November 2020, Trinity College is implementing Mandatory Universal Masking in all areas of the College. This includes while in classrooms, labs, computer lab, study rooms, restrooms, and all common areas. Faculty and Staff are mandated to wear a mask when leaving their offices or when students/colleagues/patrons enter their work area. This masking mandate is in effect during all times, whether regular operating hours or after hours when accessing the facilities to study.
  • Students, faculty, and staff will not be allowed on campus without a mask.
  • Masks may be removed when not in common areas and social distancing of at least six (6) feet is possible.
  • Masks may be removed when consuming meals, snacks, or beverages.
  • Students, faculty, and staff will be provided washable, cloth masks.
  • Masks must cover the nose and mouth.
  • Students, faculty, and staff may use their own masks, provided they adequately cover the face and nose, are securely attached to the face, and are professional in appearance.
  • When masks are not in use they should be stored in a container or sealed bag.
  • Seating within classrooms will be arranged to accommodate 6 foot social distancing guidelines. Please do not rearrange desks within any classroom or in public spaces.
  • While in the learning laboratory you may be working with a lab partner. For these situations universal masking must be implemented.

Health Screening

Please arrive at the College no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of your class or lab.

If you are sick you should not come to campus or clinical. If you are going to be absent from class or clinical, contact the appropriate personnel based on your course/clinical/laboratory syllabus.

Skin temperatures will be monitored on everyone entering the building. If your temperature is greater than 100? F you will be asked to leave the College.

If leaving the College and returning at a later time within the same date, notify the temperature screener and they will provide you with a slip indicating proof of earlier temperature for that day.

If you cough, do so in your elbow. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Be sure to routinely clean frequently touched surfaces such as your cell phone, computer keyboard, keys, and vehicle steering wheel.

Trinity College will routinely disinfect tabletops, door handles, keyboards, and frequently touched surfaces.

Temperature screenings will be conducted at each clinical site. Universal masking guidelines will also be followed within each clinical site. Be sure to use appropriate clinical site entrances, wear your student identification badge, and wear a cloth mask.

Use of College Facilities for Study

Trinity College is available to students for study areas, use of computers, and use of the Library. If you plan to use the College Computer Lab or study areas, please contact Lori Graham to make reservations ( or 309/779-7732). Social distancing guidelines and universal masking protocols must be followed.

Tracy L. Poelvoorde, PhD, RN
Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences