Campus Life

Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences offers numerous ways for students to engage in campus life. From leadership opportunities in College committees and organizations, to volunteerism, or interacting with Caring Canines prior to tests, Trinity College provides many exciting opportunities for students to be involved in college life and the local community.

Caring Canines

Caring Canines is a UnityPoint Health-Trinity program that uses specially trained and qualified dogs to provide an opportunity for individuals to benefit from interaction. Studies have demonstrated that exposure to therapy dogs can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and reduce symptoms of depression. UnityPoint Health's Caring Canines team frequently makes visits to the College to help reduce student stress and enhance test performance.

Community Involvement

Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences has deep roots within our community's health care system, and we challenge our students to continually give back outside of the classroom. Throughout the metropolitan Quad Cities and surrounding area, our College of Nursing & Health Sciences students are engaged in their communities!

Service Learning

Classroom experiences may include service-learning opportunities, where experiences are incorporated into academic learning as a point of reflection and curriculum integration.


In a less formal way than service learning, College of Nursing & Health Sciences' students assist in health care programs, such as helping at blood drives or working at flu and vaccination clinics. Many other community-based volunteer opportunities are available to students. Students are encouraged to document their volunteerism and include it in their Graduation Awards Portfolio.