Withdrawals & Refunds

Administrative Withdrawal

In the event a student has been absent for four class periods (consecutive or cumulative) without explanation and fails to officially drop/withdraw from said course, then one of two conditions will occur:

  1. The student may receive an F due to absence from the classroom/clinical rotations or
  2. The faculty, in conjunction with the student's academic advisor, may withdraw the student from said course administratively.

The College reserves the right to withdraw a student from classes at any time during the semester. Generally, these withdrawals are initiated as a result of disciplinary problems, non-payment of tuition/fees, non-attendance, and/or incomplete admission/health records. If withdrawn administratively, the student will receive the grade of WP or WF based upon the work completed at the time of the withdrawal. All withdrawals from classes are subject to the Refund Policy & Schedule.

Course/College Withdrawal

Students who are unable to make payment arrangements, or unable to secure enough financial aid to cover tuition and fees, are encouraged to drop their course(s) within the allotted refund period to avoid incurring a bill. A student remains financially responsible for all tuition and fees for any/all classes not officially dropped by the appropriate date. Withdrawal and/or non-attendance of courses may result in the loss of financial aid.

If a student completely withdraws from their program (WP or WF) during the semester after federal financial aid has been received, the student may be required to return a portion of the federal financial aid awarded to them. Financial Aid funding refunds will be based upon the last day of attendance per Department of Education regulations.

Additional information regarding withdrawals and the withdrawal procedure can be found in the College Catalog. Questions concerning the refund of federal student aid are referred to the Financial Aid Specialist, (309) 779-7740.

 7 to 16 Weeks  Through the 7th calendar day of the semester Through the 14th calendar day of the semester  After the 14th calendar day of the semester 
 1 to 6 Weeks  Through the 3rd calendar day of the week in which the course begins  Through the 6th calendar day of the week in which the course begins  After the 6th calendar day of the week in which the course begins


Please note:

In the event Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences cancels a class, and an alternative class is not available, 100% of the class tuition and associated fees will be refunded. No refund(s) will be granted if a student is dismissed for disciplinary reasons1.

General Education Course Refund Policy

The tuition and fees refund policy for general education courses taken at Black Hawk Community College, Eastern Iowa Community College and Portage Learning is set by the individual institution, not by Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences. For specific details regarding these policies please see the respective college catalog and/or contact the respective institution.

Stipend Refunds

Students that have excess funding remaining after all tuition and fees for the semester have been paid may be eligible to receive a living expense check. Every attempt is made to issue authorized checks by the end of the fifth week of classes.

Excess funds are processed by the Business Services Specialist and will be made payable and mailed directly to the student per the information on file with the student's college master record. It is the responsibility of the student to update any changes in name and/or address with the College to ensure proper delivery of excess funds.

Questions concerning refund eligibility and refund amount(s) are referred to Business Services, (309) 779-7733.