Trinity College Masking

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Trinity College Community:

The purpose of this communication is to inform you of changes to COVID-19 Guidelines at Trinity College. Due to the change in CDC guidance, effective Tuesday, 3 August 2021, Trinity College is reinstituting universal masking for all employees, students, and guests regardless of vaccination status. All UnityPoint Health facilities, including UPH-Trinity, are also reinstituting universal masking in all areas. Additionally, Trinity College students and faculty must mask in all clinical sites according to specific clinical site policy.

Fully vaccinated team members and students are required to mask. The recently announced changes that allowed fully vaccinated team members to no longer mask in certain well-defined, non-patient care locations will be paused until further notice. This change is to ensure additional, incremental safety measures are in place given the new Delta variant currently circulating and increasing community transmission levels. Guidance will be reevaluated as we learn more about the variant and community transmission levels decrease.

Please continue to monitor yourself for fever and any signs of symptoms of illness regardless of vaccination status. Do not come to the College or your clinical rotation, and contact your supervisor/clinical faculty member(s) and Employee Health within 24 hours of knowledge of the following:

  • COVID-19 positive test
  • If you are suspected to have COVID-19 or your provider diagnoses you with COVID-19 without testing
  • If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status
When working in a UPH facility where patient care is provided, you must wear a UPH provided isolation (sometimes called a surgical or procedure) mask. When at Trinity College, you may wear a personal cloth mask.

Universal Masking in all areas of the College. Universal masking should be implemented while in classrooms, labs, computer lab, study rooms, restrooms, hallways, and all common areas of the College. Faculty and staff in shared offices must wear masks when not the only individual in an office space. All faculty and staff are required to wear a mask when leaving their offices or when students/colleagues/patrons enter their work area. This masking requirement is in effect during all times, whether regular operating hours or after hours when accessing the facilities to study.

Universal masking and drinking a beverage or eating a snack in a permitted area are compatible. If you are in class and decide to drink a beverage or eat a snack, the appropriate action is to pull down your mask to eat/drink, then promptly replace your mask. If you are eating your lunch, the expectation is that you are socially distanced (at least 6 feet) from other individuals. When your meal is complete, replace your mask. Additionally, you must wear a mask while gathering with other students to study.

The College is offering students the ability to drink beverages or eat snacks (in appropriate areas), as well as use the College for study space. Should the ability to enforce the required masking guidance become problematic with the privilege of drinking beverages/eating snacks and using College space to study in small groups, the privileges of drinking/eating while on campus and using the College for study space will be eliminated. It is imperative that ALL members of our College community abide by the intent of these universal masking guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to keep our campus and community safe. Respectfully,

Tracy L. Poelvoorde, PhD, RN Chancellor