COVID-19 Update | 08-24-2020

COVID-19 College Updates

24 August 2020

Trinity College Students:

Welcome to fall semester 2020 at Trinity College! To students who were with us over the summer semester, we are excited to be starting a new semester with you as a Trinity College student! For those of you starting your program of study this fall, we are pleased to welcome you to our College!

Attached you will find the updated COVID-19 Safe Practices Policy for fall 2020. This policy has changed from the summer policy. The College will no longer be checking temperatures on students entering the building. This policy relies on the student to self-monitor and report suspected COVID symptoms should they manifest. The COVID-19 Safe Practices Policy outlines symptoms of COVID-19 and also provides a link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). I want to reiterate the importance of self- monitoring, universal masking, and social distancing in safely countering the impact of COVID-19. As the Trinity College COVID-19 update issued on 3 August 2020 indicates, students and faculty will continue to be screened, including temperature checks, at all clinical sites.

May we all have a safe, productive semester filled with learning and intellectual growth.

Tracy L. Poelvoorde, PhD, RN