Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (Online)


The BSHS program is an online course of study which can be taken full or part time. The program is designed to enable students with a previous associate degree in radiography, respiratory care or other qualified allied health program to earn a baccalaureate degree in Health Sciences. The program of study combines didactic courses, an internship experience and general education courses.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program builds upon previous education and aims to broaden the skill set of the allied health professional. Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program will be prepared to meet the changing needs of health care institutions in a variety of settings. Additionally, graduates will be prepared to assume leadership responsibilities and effect patient outcomes.

Graduates will be prepared to function as collaborative members within the health care team. Knowledge of leadership and management, health provider systems, communication, critical thinking, legal-ethical and teaching-learning principles, evidence-based practice, accounting, and culture care values will be integrated into the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences curriculum.

BSHS Program

Program Goals


  • Analyze theoretical concepts of management utilized within the health care environment.
  • Utilize accounting and supply principles to assess health care cost efficiency.
  • Analyze the impact of past, current, and future trends on the delivery of health care and health care management.
  • Solve complex problems and think reflectively.


  • Demonstrate an awareness of and implement evidence-based practice pertinent to the individual's chosen allied health field.
  • Communicate professionally using interpersonal, oral and written skills.
  • Collaborate as a member of the interdisciplinary health care team to provide comprehensive care.

Culture Care Values

  • Demonstrate ability to provide culturally congruent competent care by preserving/maintaining cultural identities and diverse life-ways of healthcare consumers.
  • Analyze and evaluate ethical behavior within the framework of professional standards, values, and codes.
  • Practice professionalism within the program, in the health care setting, and encourage participation in the professional associations.

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*Internship must be completed in person