Black Hawk College

General education courses can be taken through our joint admission agreement with Black Hawk College (BHC). Registering for general education courses through Trinity College will allow you to use Financial Aid funds to cover the cost of these courses and provide you with one tuition payment rather than two. Registering for general education courses through Trinity College will allow these courses to be included in your Trinity College cumulative GPA, rather than as transfer credit.

Use the course cluster guide to determine which courses can be taken at Black Hawk College: General Education Course Options.


To register for a general education course taken through Black Hawk College follow the steps below:
  1. Review your curriculum plan in the Trinity College Catalog to determine general education course(s) needed for your program.
  2. Contact your Trinity College faculty advisor prior to registration to confirm course selection is appropriate.
  3. Complete the BHC Application Form and pay any applicable application fees directly to Black Hawk College.
  4. Complete the Add/Drop Form: General Education Courses and submit to your Trinity College faculty advisor for required signature.
  5. The Trinity College registrar will complete the necessary steps to enroll you in the course with Black Hawk College.
  6. Once registration is confirmed your Black Hawk course(s) will populate in your Trinity College student portal.
  7. All necessary course work will be completed either in the classroom at Black Hawk or through the Black Hawk student portal, myBlackHawk.
  8. At the end of the term the Trinity College registrar will enter your grade into the Trinity College student portal. You will not need to request a transcript from Black Hawk.


Course Materials

Any textbook materials will need to be purchased through the BHC bookstore or on your own. If you choose to purchase books through the BHC bookstore you can use a book voucher to have those charges placed on your Trinity College account.

Contact Stephanie Ford, (309)779-7733 for book voucher assistance.

Course Drop/Withdrawal

If you need to withdraw or drop a general education course taken through either Black Hawk College you first need to contact your Trinity College faculty advisor to complete all necessary paperwork.

Please be aware of the refund dates as they vary by institution. Refund dates and refund information can be found in the Black Hawk College catalog.