Trinity College

Our Campus

The campus is situated on a 4.5-acre site in the City of Rock Island. The College provides an excellent environment for the education of students. The one-story structure is disability accessible and houses classrooms, learning laboratories, a computer lab, and conference rooms as well as administrative, faculty and staff offices. Classrooms and well-equipped learning laboratories optimize the educational opportunities for students. The College campus and building are non-smoking and are situated just north of UnityPoint Health, Trinity - Rock Island. The Student Commons is a designated area with vending machines and gathering space for study and student life.

Harriet Olson Learning Lab

The Harriet Olson Learning Lab is available to students to use throughout their respective curriculum. The lab is an NLN Simulation Innovation Resource Center (SIRC). This Learning Lab is available to students throughout their curriculum. The College believes that proficiency in hands-on skills is enhanced when students can first observe and practice skills in simulated settings. There are scheduled lab classes and testing hours, as well as both open and faculty-guided practice hours. Stations are set up with specific supply kits for students to practice skills currently being taught. Provision is made to assist students with special needs. A second lab designated for simulations is available next to Room 104.

The college uses simulation mannequins to the Learning Lab named SimMan 3G, purchased with a grant from Friends of Trinity. SimMan 3G joins SimMan and VitalSim Kid! The manikin, or "SimMan," can respond to questions, react to medicines, be intubated, have tubes put in (IV's, nasogastric, Foley catheters, chest tubes, etc.), be given medications and be host to most common hospital procedures. He can simulate a variety of patients with complications: pain, nausea & vomiting, difficulty breathing, dysrhythmias, low oxygen concentration, altered vital signs, altered heart, lung and bowel sounds, altered pulses, etc., providing students the opportunity to practice treatment protocols in a safe environment

Computer Lab

The computer lab is available to all College students and provides access to the internet and online courses. This lab may be reserved for testing. Students should check the schedule posted outside of the room.

Health Assessment Lab

The Health Assessment Lab is available to undergraduate and graduate students throughout the curriculum. There are scheduled lab classes and testing hours, as well as both open and faculty-guided practice hours. This lab houses five adult exam tables and the needed equipment to perform a head-to-toe assessment.


Student parking is available on-site. Parking is located in front of the College entrance in a large well-lighted lot. Students attending clinical experiences at UnityPoint Health, Trinity Rock Island Campus should park in the College lot. Students assigned clinical experiences other than the Rock Island Campus should park in employee designated lots. UnityPoint Health, Trinity Security is responsible for twenty-four-hour security service. No student or staff member is authorized to park in the doctors' lot west of the College building. Parking citations will be issued for violation of the parking policies.

Vehicle registration is required and available at: