Trinity College

Student Services

Online Bookstore

Textbooks for general education courses taken at Black Hawk Community College or Eastern Iowa Community College are purchased through that institution's bookstore. Books can also be purchased at any local bookstore using the ISBN numbers that are available on the College book list available in Student Services.

Counseling Program

See Counseling Services for more information.

Peer Tutoring

Tutoring sessions are available for students who feel they need additional academic assistance in major or general education courses. Students may contact the Director of Student Services, or may be referred by an Academic Advisor or course faculty for these services. Appropriate arrangements will be made by the Director of Student Services in a timely manner to accommodate the student as necessary. Peer tutors are chosen on a case by case basis to meet the specific needs of the student.

Career Services

Student Services and Academic Advisors offer assistance in planning career goals. Students are provided with information regarding specific career opportunities within the health science professions. A College bulletin board with career opportunities is provided.

ATM Machines

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are available in the elevator lobby at Trinity Rock Island and just off the lobby at Trinity Moline.

Accessibility/Disability Support Services

Please see the Accessibility/Disability Services page.

Copy Services

A copy/printer machine is available in the Student Resources room 123. Copying is available in the Health Sciences Library.

Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences computer users are prohibited from distributing copyrighted materials through illegal downloading, via web pages, email, or peer-to-peer distribution of illegal property. The policy applies to both computer-owned and personally-owned computers that have access to the College network. The distribution of copyrighted material from any computer that includes music, games, videos, etc., for which users do not have the owner's permission, is a violation of federal, law (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

The College's plan to combat the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material by users of College networks includes:

  1. Utilizing one or more technology-based deterrents
  2. Educating and informing the College community about appropriate and inappropriate use of copyrighted material
  3. Providing consumer information upon request to prospective and enrolled students
  4. Procedures for handling unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including disciplinary action
  5. Offer legal alternatives to illegal downloading or otherwise acquiring copyrighted material
  6. Reviewing the effectiveness of the plan on an annual basis

All students, faculty, and staff will be provided with a disclosure letter at the beginning of each academic year. Refer to College Website for complete policy information.

Emergency Messages

In cases of emergency, individuals can call the Student Services Department at (309) 779-7700 to locate a student on campus. The Student Services Department will make every effort to contact the student and relay a message.

Enrollment Services

The Student Services Department offers assistance in the areas of admission, registration and academic records. The Student Services Department provides admission guidelines and program specific admission requirements and assists students in the enrollment process. The Registrar maintains academic records of students and confirms completion of degree and certificate requirements.

Financial Aid Program

The goal of the financial aid program is to help remove the economic barriers to higher education for all individuals. Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences attempts to provide financial assistance for students through scholarships, grants, loans and work opportunities, or in various combinations. Visit Financial Aid for more information.

Handicapped Accessibility Policy

Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences is accessible to physically challenged individuals. Special facilities such as handicapped restrooms and parking are available to make College activities accessible. See Accessibility/Disability Services for more information.

Student/Alumni Newsletters

The Student Services Department produces two types of newsletters:

  • The Pulse

    This document is published twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. This publication focuses on the overall life and health of the college to bring knowledge and encouragement to both Students and Alumni to stay connected and build relationships for now and the future.
  • The InSider

    This monthly in-house publication is strictly for the current student of the college. This publication's goal is to encourage community service, college/student relations, and student activity.