Financial Literacy


While attending college, it is important to learn how to manage finances. This helps plan for changes and prepare for the unexpected. Budgeting will also assist in helping to build decision-making skills that prove valuable for reaching financial and academic goals (before, during, and after your college experience). Tools and tips are available to help you get started on a budget as well as understanding college costs and how best to manage them.


Understanding the various types of loans available and determining what amounts to borrow are critical components for successful and sensible borrowing practices. Trinity College of Nursing & Health Science's Business Services Department is available to provide professional, one-on-one financial aid counseling throughout all aspects of your educational journey and beyond.


Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences wants to ensure that all students understand when their loan repayment will begin, the various repayment plans available, and who to contact with questions and concerns. Other services such as loan consolidation, loan forgiveness, deferment, and forbearance options might also prove useful.

The College is available to help throughout the entire term of your loan repayment. Please visit the useful resources provided below for additional information.

For questions or assistance regarding any of the preceding topics, or to arrange a meeting time, please contact:


Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences is excited to provide CashCourse, a Real-Life Money Guide, providing financial skills and tools to help our students take charge of their money.

CashCourse provides online financial education courses, customized financial tools such as worksheets, a Budget Wizard and calculators, personalized dashboards, resources on student-relatable topics, and guides to help answer real-life money questions.

Please click the following link here for additional information on CashCourse and to learn how to get started.


A variety of services and programs are available to assist you in the success of your financial future. Please see the following for resources to help you get started.